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Tidal Culvert Analysis, George Wright Road, Woolwich, ME

Northstar assisted Calderwood Engineering in their work for the Town of Woolwich to evaluate options for improvements to the culvert that conveys tidal and upland flow under George Wright Road in Woolwich. 

Tide levels on the downstream end of the site are subject to the complex hydraulics of the Kennebec River/Sassanoa River/Sheepscot River tidal system with islands, inlets, side channels and other features that create complex tidal/upland flow interactions in this area. Tide hydrographs from this river complex were routed through George Stevens Road and Route 1 to assess potential impacts of changing culverts in George Stevens Road. Model HECRAS 1-D version was used due to project budget constraints. Recommendation was provided to prepare 2-D flow model for more accurate analysis of the culverts, Route 1 and the upland marsh area.