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Skewed Bridge, Madawaska- Edmundston International Bridge, Madawaska, ME

The International Bridge over the St. John River between Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick is being replaced. Northstar Hydro prepared the hydrology, hydraulics and scour analysis for this bridge replacement, facing the following issues:

·         Stakeholders represent international team, including MaineDOT, NBDOT, border control for United States and Canada, local residents, paper mill on both sides of the river, and other businesses and interests. 

·         2-Dimensional flow model employed.

·         River hydraulics see widely varying flood levels.

·         Simulation included existing bridge at 90 degree angle to flow and new skewed bridge.

·         Specific distribution of water levels over piers and abutments across the skewed profile.

·         Specific scour variables at each pier.

·         Input on ice jam potential for new bridge and during construction

This project included conveyance of complex information to a wide ranging audience as well as compliance with international regulations and guidelines.