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Landfill bank erosion and river bed restoration, Industrial Client

Northstar Hydro developed a 2-dimensional flow model of a river running adjacent to a non-operational landfill to assess the erosive properties of the river at the landfill embankment and on the river bed.   Over the decades, the river has encroached on the riverbank portion of the landfill and in some locations portions of the landfill have been eroded into the river.  Considerable amounts of waste coat much of the river bottom in the landfill area.  Using the model results, the designer has prepared a conceptual closure plan to remove a portion of the riverbed sediment containing waste and to relocate that sediment (and waste) to the landfill.  The removed sediment will be replaced with a gravel/stone armament layer on the river bed and banks that will be designed to resist the erosive forces of the river. Northstar provided design parameters for the river and river bank related to erosion and scouring.