Hydrological Studies & Dams

Highway Drainage and Large Culvert Design, 5 miles of Route 3 in Bar Harbor, Maine

Northstar worked with HNTB for the Maine DOT to provide drainage design and large culvert hydrologic and hydraulic design for over 5 miles of reconstructed Route 3 north of Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island.  The project included a number of large culverts, some with fish passage improvements as well as several miles of […]

Androscoggin River Bridge Replacement in Durham and Lisbon

The existing Route 9/125 Bridge over the Androscoggin River at Durham/Lisbon Falls was recently replaced. The bridge is located approximately 1200’ downstream of the Worumbo Dam and spans the narrowest segment of the river. The bridge is founded on rock at both abutments and at the piers on rock islands. A channel that carries flow from […]

Cumberland and Bridge Street Bridges over Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine

Northstar Hydro, Inc. worked with Stantec and the Maine Dept. of Transportation on the replacement of several bridges on the Presumpscot River in downtown Westbrook, Maine.  Northstar provided hydrologic, hydraulic and scour engineering services in association with the replacement of the twin Cumberland Street Bridges and the Bridge Street Bridge.  The Cumberland Street twin bridges […]

VTrans Culvert H&H Analysis, VT Statewide

Northstar Hydro has conducted numerous hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of culverts for Towns throughout Vermont.  Projects are initiated when the Town requests a review of replacement alternatives for specific culverts through VTrans.  Northstar Hydro conducts a site visit, confers with local officials, assesses hydrologic flow, and recommends several culvert sizing alternatives based on hydraulic and environmental standards. […]

Dam Removal, Industrial Client

Northstar Hydro prepared a hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for the planned breach/removal of the dam that impounded a lake originally built in the 1940’s as a water supply for an industrial mill in Pennsylvania.  The lake owner proposed to remove the dam that impounds lake and restore the stream to a free-flowing natural state.  Northstar analyzed the watershed hydrology […]

Highway Drainage for Proposed Interchange, Waterville, ME

Northstar Hydro worked with FST and Maine DOT to provide hydrologic and hydraulic design services for a new exit ramp from the Maine Turnpike. Northstar conducted a hydrologic analysis, drainage review, and/or sizing design of 17 cross culverts: 5 new culverts, 6 culvert extensions, and 6 additional culverts beyond the project but reviewed as part of the […]

Landfill bank erosion and river bed restoration, Industrial Client

Northstar Hydro developed a 2-dimensional flow model of a river running adjacent to a non-operational landfill to assess the erosive properties of the river at the landfill embankment and on the river bed.   Over the decades, the river has encroached on the riverbank portion of the landfill and in some locations portions of the landfill […]

Town of Brownville Junction, Culvert Replacement with Fish Passage

Northstar worked with Dirigo Engineering to provide hydrologic and hydraulic engineering at the stream crossing of Front Street in Brownville Junction, Maine. The Town of Brownville proposes to replace the Front Street culvert, removing the existing undersized, perched structure with a larger hydraulically sufficient culvert that would also restore aquatic passage at the site. The existing […]

Town of Bridgton, Hydrologic Analysis for Dry Fire Hydrant ISO Certification

This report details the hydrologic analysis required as part of the ISO certification of the Town of Bridgton, Maine’s 23 dry hydrants. The purpose of this project is to evaluate whether the 23 dry hydrants within and adjacent to the Town of Bridgton meet the certification requirements under the Insurance Services Office’s (ISO) Public Fire Suppression […]

Design-Build: I-91 Twin Bridges over Williams River in Rockingham, Vermont

Northstar Hydro is part of the Design-Build Team of Reed and Reed and HDR for the replacement of the twin bridges that carry I-91 over the Williams River in Rockingham, Vermont.  NHI provided hydrologic, hydraulic, and scour analysis Northbound and Southbound (NB and SB) bridges  Work completed included hydrologic analysis, hydraulic modeling, and scour analysis […]

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